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RNR's founders and CEOs Rakesh and Rajesh Mirchandani take immense pride in being at the forefront of Dubai's constantly growing real estate industry. The Spanish twins were born in Africa, raised in Europe and moved to Dubai in 2006. They worked as realtors while building their knowledge of the industry before launching their own company in 2013. They have consistently achieved sales of more than $100m (AED 360m) per year and led the team that successfuly sold out the exclusive FIVE Palm project where within a month 700 units worth $540m (AED 2billion) were sold. They have also sold palm villas and penthouses and acted as agents on prime sites including the Burj Khalifa, Address JBR and Address SkyView. The twins practice what they preach when it comes to real estate, and have their own extensive property portfolio in Dubai and overseas. They speak five languages fluently and have clients throughout the world.

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Rakesh Mirchandani and Rajesh Mirchandani
CEOs of RNR International Real Estate

Our team

We make extensive efforts to reach global clients and attract international elite investors around the world. Our goal is to showcase our exclusive portfolio of luxury real estate properties along with upcoming projects from the biggest developers in Dubai.