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Rakesh Mirchandani: Four things I'm grateful for

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By Rakesh Mirchandani
09 Mar

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to take things for granted. We're often so focused on the next goal or challenge that we forget to appreciate what we have. That's why it's important to take a moment to reflect on the things we're thankful for. Here are four things that I'm grateful for:


Family is the foundation of our lives. They're the people who have been there for us through thick and thin, and who will continue to be there for us no matter what. I'm grateful for my family, for their love, support and encouragement. They've always been my biggest cheerleaders, and I know that I can always count on them. Real estate can mean unconventional working hours – evenings and weekends are normal – so a supportive family is key.


Good health is something that we often take for granted. It's easy to forget just how fortunate we are to be healthy, until we or someone we love is affected by illness. I'm grateful for my health, and for the ability to take care of myself. I try not to take my health for granted and take care of myself by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. Even recently I started running again and I’m so grateful to be able to do that. Again, real estate is a demanding profession and we need to be


Whether in work or in life, we all need a team to help us achieve our goals. I'm thankful for the team of people I work with every day, who inspire me, challenge me, and support me. Together, we achieve great things and make a difference in the world. I'm grateful for their dedication and hard work, and for the sense of camaraderie that we share.


Having a vision for the future is what drives us to keep pushing forward, to keep striving for something better. I'm grateful for my vision, for the dreams and goals that keep me motivated and focused. It's easy to get sidetracked by the distractions of daily life, but my vision helps me stay on track and keep my eyes on the prize.

What motivates you today, and why are you grateful?

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